Welcome to the AAMI library!

February 10th, 2015 by


The library at the African American Museum of Iowa began as a small staff resource to aid in exhibit and education research. After the 2008 flood, the entire library had been lost. The decision was made to scrap the library in favor of concentrating resources and time to the permanent collection. Now collections staff efforts have been focused to not only revive the old library, but to create an improved non-circulating library available for public use. In the past year, thanks to intern Nick Ellsworth’s efforts, a complete inventory of books and multimedia has been conducted. The backlog of donated books that had been stored are now cataloged and on the shelves. A re-organization of the library, complete with more shelving, has provided much needed expansion space. Through many generous donations the staff has been able to replace several of the books lost in the flood as well as greatly expand our offerings.  Now the library is the largest it has been since before the flood.

We are excited to be able to offer the public use of our library’s holdings for research. Please follow research services link here for more information on the library as well as accessing our archive.