In Development: The Underground Railroad Trunk

April 22nd, 2015 by

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In preparation to update the Underground Railroad Traveling Trunk, which will be use by classroom teachers in grades 3-5, homeschoolers and other organizations, input was therefore sought from several teachers. During the April 7th focus group meeting, some teachers look through a set of books, and interactive materials. They offered opinions about the presented materials and ideas about other things they would like to see included in the trunk. For example, they liked having specific lessons for books in the kit; in particular, they liked lessons that incorporated reading strategies. It was also suggested that some general (universal) lessons would be designed for books not in the trunk. This really appealed to them. In addition, they said they wanted more background information about slavery in the United States since they don’t have a lot data on that and their instructional time is only 1-2 weeks on the unit. The teachers left very appreciative of what we were doing and the staff was pleased not only to learn that the materials they were developing would be useful, but grateful for the input provided by the teachers who took time out of their busy schedules to share their ideas and knowledge.