New Traveling Exhibits

June 5th, 2015 by

This year, we’ve added not one, not two, but THREE new traveling exhibits! All are based on popular past temporary exhibitions at the museum.

“Behind the Beat,” which closes tomorrow (Saturday, June 6) has been on view at the museum since April 2014. The traveling version of the exhibit explores the development of African American music from its roots in Africa to modern-day hip hop. Other musical styles discussed include slave songs, ragtime, the blues, jazz, gospel, rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll, soul, and funk.

BTB Traveling

“No Roads Lead to Buxton” is based on a 2009-2010 AAMI exhibit about an early 20th century coal mining town once referred to as “the black man’s utopia in Iowa.” Buxton, which only existed for two decades at the turn of the century, was one of few in Iowa’s history with a majority African American population.


Based on the AAMI’s 2013 temporary exhibition, “Western Africa: Before the Boats” focuses on the question, “What was Africa like before the transatlantic slave trade?” Exploring 1500s and 1600s Western Africa, the three panels focus on climate & agriculture, craftsmanship, and culture.IMG_9729

Traveling exhbits are available on a first-come, first-served basics to organizations, libraries, museums, business, schools, and more. Borrowers are responsible for mileage and shipping. No rental fee is required, but we appreciate a donation of $25 for each exhibit to help cover upkeep and repair costs.

Find out about our other traveling exhibits and how to request a reservation here.