Freeman: Compassionate and Wrenching

July 21st, 2015 by

Freeman, a compelling book written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. will be discussed on Saturday, August 1 at 11:00 am. The story takes place in the first few months following the Confederate surrender and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Upon learning of Lee’s surrender, Sam–a runaway slave who once worked for the Union Army–decides to leave his safe haven in Philadelphia and set out on foot to return to the war-torn South. What drives him on this almost-suicidal course is the desire to find his wife, the mother of his only child, whom he and their son left behind 15 years earlier on the Mississippi farm to which they all “belonged.”

Not only is this historical fiction, but it’s also a love story. It demonstrates the feelings people were determined to honor, despite the enormous constraints of the times. In addition, this book addresses several themes that are still hotly debated today, some 145 years after the official end of the Civil War.

So allow yourself the opportunity to talk about a wonderfully moving story that portrays the cruelties and triumphs in the lives of free and enslaved African Americans.