In the Life of an AAMI Intern

April 22nd, 2016 by

This post was written by Larimer Porter, Spring 2016 Curatorial Intern

Hi! My name is Larimer Porter and I am currently interning at the African American Museum of Iowa in the museum’s collections department, under the head curator Brianna Kim. Although I have only been working as an intern for several weeks, I already feel that I have learned so much about the day-to-day duties of museum staff. As a small institution, the AAMI requires that all staff, interns and volunteers work on a variety of projects not always associated with their main duties, however this ensures that a variety of jobs to get done. I LOVE this! I love that every time I come in for my shift, I always have something new to look forward to. I have spent time transcribing oral histories, cataloging collections, doing some census research, preparing a hat mount for the front display case and sitting in on a meeting in which the additions to the museum’s permanent collections were discussed.

However, one of my favorite projects so far was creating the hat mount for one of the women’s hats we currently have on display in the front case. I used foam, batting and un-dyed muslin to create a hat mount that would support and protect the hat while it was being displayed in the front lobby in honor of Women’s History Month. Although my first attempt at creating this hat mount was less than successful, I persevered and you can now see [my personal favorite] woman’s hat on my very own hat mount in the front case located in the lobby of the African American Museum of Iowa. I am so excited to continue to work with all of the museum staff on future projects!