Traveling Trunks

Looking for another way to bring history to life in your classroom or organization? Borrow a Traveling Trunk!

Trunks are free to borrow for a week at a time, and include a curriculum guide full of lessons plans and plenty of hands-on activities. Use our costumes, music, videos, artifacts, toys, and more to engage your students and make history fun.

Contact Diana Henry at 319-862-2101 ext. 222 or to rent one today!

West Africa

Trunk Includes:
African talking drum and other instruments
African folk tales
Batik cloth
Traditional African clothing
African music CDs
African children’s games
Lesson plans

Ancient Egypt

Egyptian costumes
Non-fiction Egyptology books for students
Egyptian games
Pyramid puzzles
“Unwrap the Mummy” Explore
Music of Ancient Egypt CD
IMAX “Mysteries of Egypt” DVD
Hieroglyphics workbook
Lesson plans


Traditional Kwanzaa table setting and candelabora
Kwanzaa video
Kwanzaa fiction and non-fiction books
Lesson plans

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance art pictures
Cab Calloway’s Hepster’s Dictionary
Harlem Renaissance DVDs
Jazz and Blues CDs
Fiction and non-fiction books
Lesson plans

George Washington Carver

Lab coats
Test tubes
Gardening tools
Science experiment supplies
Magnifying glasses
“Parts of a Flower” activity
Fiction and non-fiction books
Lesson plans

Archaeology and Buxton, Iowa

Photos from Buxton, Iowa
Archaeologist tools
Antique miner’s lamp
Archaeology activity book
“Buxton” DVD
Archaeology fiction and nonfiction books
Coal mining fiction and nonfiction books
Lesson plans

Black Inventors Museum*

Picture: Inventors Museum 2
Framed drawings of African American inventors
Examples of inventions, including:

  • Ironing board
  • Super Soaker
  • Hair brush
  • Fire engine ladder (miniature)

*Developed by Dr. Sydney Wallace